In this blog post, we will explore a fun and interactive Python game that challenges you to guess which social media account has more followers. The game makes use of random data from various popular accounts, and you will have to rely on your knowledge or intuition to make the right guess. Let’s dive into the code and see how it works!

Setting Up the Game

To get started, make sure you have Python installed and create a new Python file called “” Additionally, we need to install the “replit” library and the “art” library. You can install them by running the following commands in your terminal or command prompt:

pip install replit
pip install art

The Game Code

Now, let’s take a look at the code for our game:

# Import required libraries
from game_data import data
import random
from art import logo, vs
from replit import clear

# Function to get data from a random account
def get_random_account():
    return random.choice(data)

# Function to format account data into a printable format
def format_data(account):
    name = account["name"]
    description = account["description"]
    country = account["country"]
    return f"{name}, a {description}, from {country}"

# Function to check user's guess against actual follower count
def check_answer(guess, a_followers, b_followers):
    if a_followers > b_followers:
        return guess == "a"
        return guess == "b"

# Main game function
def game():
    score = 0
    game_should_continue = True
    account_a = get_random_account()
    account_b = get_random_account()

    while game_should_continue:
        account_a = account_b
        account_b = get_random_account()

        while account_a == account_b:
            account_b = get_random_account()

        print(f"Compare A: {format_data(account_a)}.")
        print(f"Against B: {format_data(account_b)}.")

        guess = input("Who has more followers? Type 'A' or 'B': ").lower()
        a_follower_count = account_a["follower_count"]
        b_follower_count = account_b["follower_count"]
        is_correct = check_answer(guess, a_follower_count, b_follower_count)

        if is_correct:
            score += 1
            print(f"You're right! Current score: {score}.")
            game_should_continue = False
            print(f"Sorry, that's wrong. Final score: {score}")

# Start the game

How the Game Works

The game starts by importing necessary libraries, and then we define three essential functions: get_random_account(), format_data(account), and check_answer(guess, a_followers, b_followers). These functions handle selecting a random social media account, formatting its data for display, and checking if the user’s guess is correct based on follower counts.

The game() function is the main loop of the game. It initializes the score, selects two random accounts, and prompts the user for their guess. After each round, the game continues if the guess is correct, and it stops if the guess is wrong.

Making the Game Challenging

In the comments of the code, the game developer explains a crucial detail about how the game handles the account comparisons. To keep the game challenging, they make sure that choice B (the new account to guess) becomes the next choice A in the subsequent round. This way, you won’t face the same popular account multiple times, making the game more exciting and fair.


You have now learned how to create a simple but engaging Python game that tests your knowledge of popular social media accounts’ follower counts. The game randomly selects two accounts, and you have to make the right guess to increase your score. Remember, the more you play, the better you’ll get at guessing the followers count of different accounts.

Feel free to modify the code, add more data, or create additional features to make the game even more enjoyable. Happy coding and have fun challenging your friends with this Python game!




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